Body Therapy


This Traditional Thai Therapy combines elegant elements of yoga, shiatsu and acupressure, working with the energy pathways of the body and the therapy points that are locked along these lines.


This holistic treatment has a profound impact on the body, mind and spirit. Experience the deep state of relaxation with two powerful combinations oil and massage.


An advanced form of aroma therapy this treatment focus on using direct medium tissue pressure on muscles and connective tissue. It includes techniques like circular pressure applied by the hand and palms.


An advanced form of aroma therapy, this treatment focus on using direct deep pressure on muscles and connective tissue. Designed to unwind the body and lift up the spirits.


Massage oil with luxury natural aroma brings draining and firming properties to refine problem areas. Exceptionally effective natural ingredients work in synergy to activate slimming anti cellulite process while bringing absolute pleasure and relaxation to your body.


Especially designed for India which combines traditional Thai massage with the use of herbal compress ball, the heated ball is pressed firmly on to the muscles during the treatment. This is designed to release tension, strengthen one’s metabolism, rejuvenate the skin and release toxins.

Body Exfoliation & Wraps Scrubs

Rich Chocolate Body Scrub - 45mins

Our deliciously scented, 100% pure, natural cocoa scrub is high in anti-oxidants and an excellent choice for your skin. It will gently exfoliate, replenish, and smooth your skin. It helps to sooth & nourishes body.

Fruit & Sea Salt Body Scrub - 45mins

Using only natural and highly effective ingredients from rich fruit with sea salt for pampering and nourishing the skin, this scrub wills give your body a healthy silky glow. Increases Hydration and helps firming the skin naturally. Give your body the attention it deserves.

Organic scrub – 45mins

This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts with essential oils to leave your skin nourished, smooth and supple. Perfect as a stand-alone treatment. For a lighter application Exfoliating Body Polish is applied instead of Salt & Oil Scrub.


Signature hydrating Body wrap

This treatment is specifically designed to detoxify, hydrate, rejuvenate, and infuse the skin with antioxidants and nutrients. Our combination contains bio-fermented fruit extracts to increase your metabolism along with rich protein extracts of Soy to nourish your skin leaving it luxuriously conditioned and toned.

Rich chocolate wrap

Our chocolate body wrap is mineral rich sea clay infused with the essence of cocoa. The combined benefits will uplift you with the aromatic characteristics of high-quality chocolate. It will not only detoxify but will also firm & tone your skin leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing.